See the Light inside

RespiceSME presented success stories on cross-sectoral innovation at IoT Barcelona

Photonics are a key enabling technology in many fields of industry; they are fundamental to groundbreaking innovations such as autonomous driving and play a significant role in smart manufacturing and energy-efficient buildings to name just a few sectors.

With occasion of the Internet of Things World Solution Congress RespiceSME brought together photonics SMEs to present innovative applications of light technologies in manufacturing, energy/environment and transport.
The presentations shed light on the success story of photonics in industry, leaving no doubt that the great potential of photonics has not been exploited fully yet.

You can download the presentations below.

The RespiceSME project by Samantha Michaux, Steinbeis 2i GmbH, RespiceSME coordinator (Germany)

Success stories of photonics in the IOT industry
An IOT platform as innovation enabler by Markus Kohlbacher, t-matix (SME, Austria)
Microprojectors for IOT devices by Jörg Reiterrer, TriLite Technologies (SME, Austria)

Block 1 -  Photonics & Energy/Environment

Overview of Photonics applications in Energy/Environment by Lennart BM Svensson, PhotonicSweden (Sweden)

Business cases
Optical solution for microplastic detection on marine environment by Sergio Martínez, Leitat (RTO, Spain)
Light applications in online-water quality measurement by Miquel Pujadas, Adasa Sistemas (SME, Spain)
Cooperation opportunities with Styrian photonics companies by Johann Koinegg, Green Tech Cluster Styria (Austria)
Solar lighting by ecoliGhts - secure the future and reduce the costs by Andreas Stubenberger, ecoliGhts (SME, Austria)

Block 2 - Photonics &Transport

Overview of photonics applications in transport by Paul Stefanut, OpticsValley (France)

Business cases
Business cases in Silicon Alps by Tanja Arzberger, Silicon Alps (Cluster, Austria)
"Optical racks" for sensing applications by Sara Calomarde, AMS technologies (SME, Spain)

Block 3 - Photonics & Manufacturing

Overview of photonics applications in manufacturing by Gerard O'Connor, NUI Galway (Ireland)

Business cases
Oil Monitoring Sensor by Eneko Gorritxategi, Atten2 (SME, Spain)
From Research in photonics to IoT/Industry 4.0 company
by Rogério Nogueira, WATGRID (SME, Portugal)
The challenges of 3D printing
by Perez Pelage, Viaccess-Orca (SME, France)
Eye Vision Technology by Michael Beising, EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH (SME, Germany)