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RespiceSME Photonics Video Pitch Contest

RespiceSME offers you the opportunity for a ‘video elevator pitch’ to the photonics community

Pitch your photonics business idea or innovative product and get awarded with a professionally edited video to boost your product's promotion to investors, business partners and customers

How to participate?
In this competition innovative ideas will be highlighted. Photonics and other light technologies impact almost all areas of our daily lives and are the basis for many innovations in industry. You have developed a new product that will add to the success story of light technologies? Are you using innovative optics and/or photonics applications in current projects of your company/at University? You have a great business idea for engineering applications of light?

Make a short, less than 5 minute video that demonstrates the uniqueness of your idea and the added value it will have for integrators or end-users. Be creative and keep your message clear. Do not hesitate to use visuals or simulation to present your idea, prototype or product.  

Upload the video on YouTube or any other platform and send the link to Please also send along this filled-out participant sheet.  

The deadline for submitting your contribution is 31.10.2017

Why to participate?
RespiceSME will select among all submitted videos the 3 most convincing regarding the uniqueness of the idea they present, the added value for photonics integrators or end-users and its potential for further exploitation.

The creative mind(s) behind the winning video will have the chance to work with a marketing agency to make a professionally edited video, to be used for promoting their innovative products to investors, business partners and customers. On top, the winning contestant(s) will get a free training on business development and innovation management, funded fully by the RespiceSME project.

*Free tickets to the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, for contestants submitting before 30th of September*

All participants, submitting their contribution before September 30th will get free tickets to the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress. At the fair, they will be invited to attend the RespiceSME event “Success Stories on Cross-Sectoral Innovation – Light Technologies in Manufacturing, Energy and Transport” on October 3rd 2017.

For more information on how to participate in the contest and the terms and conditions, please read the FAQ below.

RespiceSME Video Pitch Contest - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) + Terms & Conditions

FAQ – Terms & Conditions

1)    How to make the video?

You can use any video recording device (Smartphone etc.) at your hands, given that it outputs editable video files. You are free to select the way you want to present your product. However, it is encouraged that during your presentation you try to answer some of the questions as follows:

  • What is the need that you are trying to address with your new product/application? From where do you gain this market insight?
  • What is the novelty of your proposed solution? What are the key differentiators? How does it compare with existing alternatives, if any?
  • What photonics technologies have been used to develop the new product/application?
  • What clearly-defined benefits will be gained by the customer and/or an end-user by adopting your product/application?

Please use visuals, slides or any simulation effects to demonstrate your business idea or product.

The presentations in each video submitted should be given in English. However, it is possible to provide English subtitles, if your chosen speaker is not fluent in English.

2)      What happens to my video after I sent it to the RespiceSME contact point?

You will receive a mail that your video has been received in 2-3 working days after your submission at the latest. Once the competition is closed (31.10.2017 – deadline of submission) all videos will be uploaded on the project website and promoted among the networks of the RespiceSME consortium (companies, clusters and research institutions). After submission closing, the jury will get together to select the best videos (see point 4).

3)      Will all submitted videos be published by RespiceSME?

We certainly want to publish all videos submitted and promote them among our contacts. However, we reserve us the right to not publish the video, in case it features compromising content. The mere submission of the link to the video does not constitute a claim for publication through the RespiceSME channels.

4)      Who will assess the videos and on basis of which criteria?

A jury composed of experienced photonics experts and business developers from the RespiceSME consortium will evaluate each video. The best videos will be selected on basis of the uniqueness of the idea presented, the level of the development thus far and the potential for future growth.

The members of the Jury:

Samantha Michaux (Steinbeis 2i GmbH, Germany)  – Chairwoman
Linas Eriksonas
(LITEK, Lithuania)
Pierre-Yves Fonjallaz/Lennart Svensson
(PhotonicsSweden, Sweden)
Paul Stefanut (OpticsValley, France)
Mary Konstantaki (FORTH, Greece)
Gerard O’Connor (NUI Galway)